Million Dollar Question

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

To be honest I just blog cause I like too.  It’s fun and sometimes people comment.   I get to say silly things and show of pics of my cats.    And some people like the silly stuff I say so double cool to that.


Cats Adjusting and waiting for my coffee to get cool enough to drink

So my Little One is adjusting nicely to the pack, herd, school or murder of my cat group.  Yah I know the proper term is probably pride of cats but it doesn’t sound right in my head.   Peter now has a play buddy in which they tear around the house like ants in their pants or a heard of wild pigmys are chasing them.    They jump and leap over each other and play with all the little toys that are scattered across the apartment.  What’s cute is that they clean each other and sometimes try to do it at the same time.   Rosie still gets picked on but less often but with Peter jumps in so does Max, which makes me come running to scream at the two orange puff balls.   Are they a furry purrball or a purry furball?

Here is a few new pics.

20150827_104604 20150920_175747 20151028_093836 20151028_093854 1446133138091

Arn’t my babies cute!!!!

Okay coffee is too cool now, so a microwaving we will go for 30 secs.

Okay I want to go play Rift now.  Yesss!  I am a gamer girl.  I play LOTRO, Arch Age, Rift, Harthstone, Elvenar, Alagorn, and played WOW for 3 years.    Gaming…with… the…must now play….


My Little One

Well I have a 3rd cat now.  I’ve named him Max or Maxi or Little One.  He is the tiniest of all 3 of my cats.  His original name was Redcat which is funny cause he is all orange except of a white tip on his tail.   This one has claws but he seems to know what he can and can’t scratch.  Maybe leftover scent from my deceased cat Socks (sniff).  I had to figure out where to put the 3rd bowl and add extra water dish as well.   I have to keep watch because the other two like to steal food from any other cat dish.  So every time there is a chewing noise in the room my head whips around to see if the right cat is eating from the right bowl.  I swear I’m going to get whiplash from it.   Little One is so playful and now Peter has a playmate and doesn’t bug Rosie as much.  Here is a Picture of Max


Coffee, Reading and Bad Boys

Well, I’ve been thinking of trying to do another post but I’ve been stumped for two weeks or more since my last post.  It’s 6:03 am and have not had a coffee yet.   Coffee is more of a comfort thing than a wake me up thing.  I can drink a cup of coffee and then go to sleep, so I don’t drink it to wake me up.  I’ve had to switch to making my coffee cold since it’s too hot to drink hot anymore.  Cold coffee is yummy too.  The hot days are starting to get hotter and more humid making me almost want to eat nothing but drink lots of liquids and have popcycles and ice cream.  Yummy, I have mint chocolate chip.  🙂

I’ve been going through books and audio books like crazy and as of today I’ve done 60 books this year.  I hope I can get in 100 by New Years Eve.  I’ve been going audio book crazy listening to one story after another, just sucking them back like sweet cold lemonade on a boiling hot day.  I was doing a lot of child adventure and fantasy books and now in the past month have switched to teen romances.  There is some crazy but droolable bad boys in these books.  When I was a teen I dated bad boys.  They were so addictive.  But then we grow up and learn what you really want in a relationship is NOT the bad boy but the love of your life to be your loyalist and best friend and confidant.  The person you share everything with.   I’m hoping I find that someday, but until then I can have my droolable stories to read and listen too.   And it doesn’t stop me from having loving dreams at night.  One of my faves is the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick.  If anyone reads the series let me know what you think of it.  I’d love to chat about it.  None of my friends are into them so I could use the company of fellow readers.  So I have another book I have to finish up today so I can finish book two of the current series I’m on.

Well I told you I had nothing I could think of to write about but I guess I found something after all.

By the way, I like my coffee with 3rd of it being milk in my cup and 4 teaspoons of sugar.  I think my morning coffee is starting to call me now so I better go answer it.

Isn’t it lovely when you step in something squishy.  Remember I have cats, so it could one of two things.  I hoped for the less stinky one.  When I finally hopped to the light switch I found cat yak.  But I still had to clean it up and change my socks.  Iky, gross. Yuck.

Rosie, my cat, has been more vocal lately.  She will get all cute and roll on her back and show off her cute belly.  Then she will make the smallest little mew, which means “pay attention to me”  This normally happens when my hands are full, or playing a game I can’t turn away from or really into a book I’m reading.   But I do get up quite a bit and scratch her chin and her head to make her happy.  And, of course, her belly.  Peter on the other hand sometimes just wont leave me alone.  He tries to come up into my lap when I’m busy at the computer knocking my mouse hand off course which can be hard if you need to be persice in what you are doing.  The other day, while at my computer, Peter was beside me on my filing cabbinet.  He starts his meows and I ignore him until he meows loud right in my ear REAL LOUD.  It startles me so bad I jump and scream, which then scares Peter away.  Forehead smack.  Cats!

Coffee, Burgers, and Cookies

You know you live in a house with pets in it and when your friends have pets when you go to have your daily coffee and there are at least 2 pat hairs in it.  It’s like one lump or two.  You know that is extra fiber right?  LOL

I wasn’t doing to well  the past few days been a little um…clogged up in the pipes.  So I’m trying to drink extra water and liquid and less coffee.  In fact I even went for a decaf yesterday morning instead of a normal and only having one coffee instead of two.   But my birthday is coming up tomorrow and my dad, step mom (Rita) and my sister is coming out and we are going out for dinner at a great burger place that does gourmet burgers.  It’s called The Work.  You have choice of meat from ground beef to chicken to elk.  Then type of bun and type of burger.  They have over 50 choices to choose from such as burger with smoky bbq sauce with mushrooms and bacon or having Kraft Dinner on it.  They even do veggie burgers and a mushroom cap burger.   Lots and lots of choices.   I wasn’t sure if I should go there or not with my tummy troubles but I’ll just fill up on liquid today and a salad.  I put feta on my salad to add extra flavour and texture.

So with not sure what to do yesterday with my pipes not working I decided to make some cookies (like that was going to make it better).   What I ended up making was white chocolate with pecans and cashews.   They turned out good so I put a few aside for my family.  And I didn’t eat too much. And saved a few for today .


Apreciate Animals Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Festivus.”

Animal Day would be a non work day.   It would be a day for donating to animal organizations or volunteer time at animal shelters.  It’s about spending time with and appreciating the animal kingdom.  There would be special events at dog parks.  Vets would give discounts or do charitable work for those that can’t pay for certain medication or operations.   There would be free treats at pet stores and discounts on food and liter and leashes.  The zoo would be free to go to on Appreciate Animals Day.  You would spend special time with your pets furry or feathered or scaled.  You can order a special toy and treat package for your pets that you get in the mail a few days before the holiday.  There would be all kinds of animal stories and programs to watch on tv.   Some older theaters could put animal related movies on to play for the week or the day.  But while kids have the time off they will be expected to do projects or essays or write stories of animals to be graded.  There would be a Appreciate Animals Day web stie with all kinds of pet pictures would send in and also incredable pet hero stories.  Parks might host an event about pets to learn more about products or new items for pets and be a petting zoo and a dog petting ring that people can go into and pet all kinds of doggies.   The sounds so cool.   I wish it were real.   What a way to spend a day.  Oh and you can have pet shaped souvenirs or posters with animals, stationery with animals and decks of cards with animals and t-shirts, games, puzzles etc.  Whoo hoo.+