Apreciate Animals Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Festivus.”

Animal Day would be a non work day.   It would be a day for donating to animal organizations or volunteer time at animal shelters.  It’s about spending time with and appreciating the animal kingdom.  There would be special events at dog parks.  Vets would give discounts or do charitable work for those that can’t pay for certain medication or operations.   There would be free treats at pet stores and discounts on food and liter and leashes.  The zoo would be free to go to on Appreciate Animals Day.  You would spend special time with your pets furry or feathered or scaled.  You can order a special toy and treat package for your pets that you get in the mail a few days before the holiday.  There would be all kinds of animal stories and programs to watch on tv.   Some older theaters could put animal related movies on to play for the week or the day.  But while kids have the time off they will be expected to do projects or essays or write stories of animals to be graded.  There would be a Appreciate Animals Day web stie with all kinds of pet pictures would send in and also incredable pet hero stories.  Parks might host an event about pets to learn more about products or new items for pets and be a petting zoo and a dog petting ring that people can go into and pet all kinds of doggies.   The sounds so cool.   I wish it were real.   What a way to spend a day.  Oh and you can have pet shaped souvenirs or posters with animals, stationery with animals and decks of cards with animals and t-shirts, games, puzzles etc.  Whoo hoo.+