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My name is Lori and I’m a woman that loves cat and all kinds of animals.  And I like sweet creamy coffee every morning.  I have 2 cats Rosie and Peter who are a big part of my daily life from them winding around my legs while making coffee or sleeping beside me at night.  But they do funny things and it makes amusing stories sometimes.    Do you have any idea how much I laugh in a day because of their or my antics?  A lot.  And yes I talk baby talk to them.

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Well I’m a 40-year-old woman in a one bedroom appartement finding her way in life.  I have my good and bad days and want to reach out to readers who can relate to those little things that happen a lot in life and say something to make people laugh or smile.  I started a blog a couple of weeks before called My Pen Pal Mail and realized I was having fun and wanted to something more close to home.   This blog covers a wider range of topics that can be interesting to others.  I’ll write about anything from trudging in the snow or crawling around the house following my cats. around the appartement.

I’m also a Christian learning to love the life God gave us and fining joy in everyday living.

A few more things about my hobbies: pen paling, making envelopes, cooking, walking, reading children’s fantasy book, jig saw puzzles, some photography


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