Coffee, Burgers, and Cookies

You know you live in a house with pets in it and when your friends have pets when you go to have your daily coffee and there are at least 2 pat hairs in it.  It’s like one lump or two.  You know that is extra fiber right?  LOL

I wasn’t doing to well  the past few days been a little um…clogged up in the pipes.  So I’m trying to drink extra water and liquid and less coffee.  In fact I even went for a decaf yesterday morning instead of a normal and only having one coffee instead of two.   But my birthday is coming up tomorrow and my dad, step mom (Rita) and my sister is coming out and we are going out for dinner at a great burger place that does gourmet burgers.  It’s called The Work.  You have choice of meat from ground beef to chicken to elk.  Then type of bun and type of burger.  They have over 50 choices to choose from such as burger with smoky bbq sauce with mushrooms and bacon or having Kraft Dinner on it.  They even do veggie burgers and a mushroom cap burger.   Lots and lots of choices.   I wasn’t sure if I should go there or not with my tummy troubles but I’ll just fill up on liquid today and a salad.  I put feta on my salad to add extra flavour and texture.

So with not sure what to do yesterday with my pipes not working I decided to make some cookies (like that was going to make it better).   What I ended up making was white chocolate with pecans and cashews.   They turned out good so I put a few aside for my family.  And I didn’t eat too much. And saved a few for today .



Cute Peter

Hello all, we were asked to write to a new blog pretending to have your perfect person audience and we are to talk to him.  I really don’t have a pretend perfect audience.  I always write to all of you to share my life musings with you.  I’m just happy I have an audience, so thank you to all of you.

Well the other part of the Blogging 101 was to try a different type of media that I haven’t tried yet.   There was nothing particular that I wanted pull off YouTube or a song to play.  Those things don’t really have any relation to my blog.  But I did do the assignment.  I took my tablet and videoed Peter lying on the bathroom floor being cute.  So then I had to move over the video using air droid to put it on my computer.  From there I went to YouTube and posted my very first video EVER!  I just figure that relates to my blog so I will TRY to post the video here.   I hope you all think he’s cute too.

Morning Cat Musings before Coffee

As a cat lover there is just some things you come to accept with your house full of fur balls.    Like my coffee isn’t perfect unless it has 2 cat hairs in it.  It’s good fiber.  And if you drop food on the floor there is no 5 seconds rule, cause the instant it touches the ground there is cat hair all over it.  Well you could eat it if you want to spend 5 minutes picking pet hair off of it.  And what is it with cats sometimes throwing tea parties in the litter box.   I think they are secretly building sand castles or digging to China.  Then there is the butt in face greeting you get everyday when they climb up to your lap.   You can appreciate the gesture that they are greeting you with their one eye, but I think I’ll stick to the handshake.

Tired Coffee With The Brain…

So I’m a bit slow this morning.  I get up trying to find my well-loved ratty pale pink houseboat and find Peter is keeping it warm for me beside the bed.  I put it on and stumble to the kitchen to turn on the light and put on the kettle for coffee.  To be honest I don’t remember what happened between me putting the kettle on and it starting to whistle.  So I stumble out of my chair rubbing my sleepy eyes and almost walk smack dab into the wall by the kitchen.  I get enthralled by the swirling coffee spinning as I stir it.  So I get the coffee back on my desk and put it down so it can cool enough so I can sip at it.  One third of my large blue mug is 1 percent milk.  So I like a little coffee with my milk. So sue me!  So the cat wants up like usual and he insists he wants to lie in my arms across my chest so I can rub his belly.  I kept telling him no saying I didn’t want to sit like that at the moment.  Well tired head must have zoomed off to the void somewhere cause next thing I realize is that cat won and I’m lying back in my chair rubbing him while he’s purring.   Tired brain 0, Cat 1.   I’m gonna try to drink my coffee now if no one minds.  Even if you do mind it still wont stop me.  So na na na na.   My brain is thinking “you can’t touch me”.   Yep I need to wake up more cause of the brain with the tired.  Back to the coffee.