Princess Lori – Once Apon A Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Once upon a time there was me, Princess Lori.   Lori loved to do jigsaw puzzles and loved the time a day when the curtains are open and gets sunlight all over her puzzle to see all the lovely little colourful pieces to put together.   So with only daylight hours to do her puzzle Lori will sit there and pull out all fence pieces or all tree pieces ect or yellow house prices.   Sometimes she will pile thing in little groups to find them easier.

Now Princess Lori had to lovely step children.   Furbaby Peter the orange and furbaby Rosie the black.  Both are love very much by Princess Lori and get lots of cuddles.   But Peter liked games too, the practical joker he was.    So when Princess Lori was asleep in her bed, tucked away safe and sound Prince Peter decided it would be funny to take tap dancing lessons on Princess Lori’s jigsaw puzzles.   So when Princess Lori wakes up and opens the curtains to the new day she discovers puzzle piece after puzzle piece on the floor around the table that Princess Lori was doing her puzzle on.    Now Princess Lori got real mad at the little Prince and said many words to him which were not pleasant in very strong angry tones with threats of taking his food away if he didn’t behave.   Well this continued for about a week and Princess Lori thought she had beat in one night where she put a blanket over the puzzle to stop Prince Peter’s Tap Dancing Prank.   Well just as Princess Lori got tucked in she heard a skittering noise and a loud crash.   When Princess Lori found where the noise came from after dashing out of her warm bed, the whole box of puzzle pieces had been knocked over and spill tons of beautiful colourful puzzle pieces all over the royal floor in a wide arc.   At the same time the blanket that has so lovingly been placed over the Princesses puzzle had been pulled askew and had pulled all the pieces to one side.   This required much clean up.  So Princess Lori didn’t want to wake up the imaginary maids and servants she kneeled on the royal grey carpet, in the dark and scoop up puzzle pieces.   Tired and sad after that Princess Lori crawled back in bed thinking she would have to check on the puzzle much better in the daylight where she will spend a long time putting all the pieces back together or give up on the puzzle all together.    This has not been determined yet and therefore brings our little story to an end, for now.  To be continued…


Christmas Happy Dance

So it’s Christmas Eve day and I’ve been stealing some crackers and cheese from out of the fridge which I should wait for tonight for but I had the munchies while making my first coffee this morning.  Well while trying to change batteries on my camera I dropped a heavy butter knife on my big toe which made me yelp and send Rosie running to see if I was okay.  It hurt a bit but I was fine.

So I’ve been very hyper the past few days and been trying to keep busy so I don’t go insane.  I ended up going to the Body Shop on Sunday with a 30 dollar gift certificate from my younger sister which I happily spent and pretty stinky stuff.  Strawberry body wash, pink grapefruit body wash, banana shampoo and the best lip balm ever, a coco butter one.   Feels great too.  it also smells very good.   Wow I sound like I’m doing a beauty commercial in a boxing ring.  “And in this corner it’s Pert Plus shampoo vs. Head and Shoulders heavy weight.”


Well Monday I met up at a friend at the library and took a room to go sit in and chat.  The room has a glass wall so people can see you but a glass door as well so you can close it.   And we did close it cause we tend to get loud and laugh a lot when we get together catching up on the past year.  So she told me to help me cope with the next few days that I should get an audio book.  This was an awesome idea since I’ve been working on my Christmas jig saw puzzle.   Boy did it ever help.  I felt lest restless while doing my puzzle and could concentrate better and less jumping up and down yelling “yay it’s Christmas” and clapping my hands wildly.  But I managed to finish it yesterday.  Yay me!!!  it was a lovely African Savannah watering hold pic with lots of animals.


So what did I do next to keep myself from going batty…take out another puzzle to do.  LOL

So on my pen pal site one of the girls I contacted finally got back to me 2 weeks later and she let me know she wanted to be pen pals.  This tickled me pink so I could start another letter to someone, which I love writing letters.  I wont be able to send it out till my seasonal taxes come out in January.  I’ve started the letter this morning as I was having my first coffee.  Which as soon as it started Peter had to jump up and sit right on the letter on my desk making it impossible to write anymore till he jumped down.  I swear he’s such a silly butt!

So yes I’m going stir crazy and a few minutes ago I ducked into the kitchen to make my second coffee and of course had to open all the cookies I had for Christmas to make sure they were good for Christmas don’t you know.   Thank you they were quite fine and ready for Christmas eve.  Ahem.

Merry Christmas everyone