I wanted to share with you 2 sites that really brighten my day.  Both of them are pet or animal site that have tons of cuteness to make anyone smile.  The first one is Cute Overloaded.  They have a pretty feature kitty on there today who is absolutely adorable.    Here is the link.

The other site features cats only but has the most adorable ones.  They are all soooo cute.  it often has small videos on stuff dealing with cats like new cat toys.   Here is the link.

Please let me know if you like these sites too. 🙂  Toodles.


Cute Peter

Hello all, we were asked to write to a new blog pretending to have your perfect person audience and we are to talk to him.  I really don’t have a pretend perfect audience.  I always write to all of you to share my life musings with you.  I’m just happy I have an audience, so thank you to all of you.

Well the other part of the Blogging 101 was to try a different type of media that I haven’t tried yet.   There was nothing particular that I wanted pull off YouTube or a song to play.  Those things don’t really have any relation to my blog.  But I did do the assignment.  I took my tablet and videoed Peter lying on the bathroom floor being cute.  So then I had to move over the video using air droid to put it on my computer.  From there I went to YouTube and posted my very first video EVER!  I just figure that relates to my blog so I will TRY to post the video here.   I hope you all think he’s cute too.