Do I take my gaming too seriously?

See I’m a gamer girl.  I played WOW (World of Warcraft) for about 3 to 4 years.  I also play Civilization 5, The Sims, Hidden Object games along with many other mmorpgs.  I may be a casual gamer according to the definition of “casual gamer” but hell hath no fury to anyone who disturbs me while I’m gaming for a few hours.   As an example, I will be fighting a creature on a game and hitting the number keys with my left hand making my character do special attacks with my bow or sword.   I totally focused on the screen and this creature is a few levels higher than me so I got to pay attention to my health bar.  So I’m reaching with my mouse to hit the heal potion while very low on health when the cat (Peter) decides he want to cuddle and jumps into my lap and onto the desk blocking my view of the screen whereas soon as I manage to yell at the cat with a mighty lions roar sending him running away.  Of course I look back at the screen and my character is dead and in a bad spot to respawn.   I sigh and laugh and sob at the same time wanting to bang my head on  my desk with a loud thocking sound.  So head on my desk I grumble about I had bought all these special items to help me win the fight and they just all went down the toilet so now I gotta go around grinding to make enough money to buy those items agin.   Once I calm down I go to Peter to apologize and give him extra pets for putting up will mommy while gaming, while feeling quite guilty.  Cats don’t make good windows.