Coffee, Burgers, and Cookies

You know you live in a house with pets in it and when your friends have pets when you go to have your daily coffee and there are at least 2 pat hairs in it.  It’s like one lump or two.  You know that is extra fiber right?  LOL

I wasn’t doing to well  the past few days been a little um…clogged up in the pipes.  So I’m trying to drink extra water and liquid and less coffee.  In fact I even went for a decaf yesterday morning instead of a normal and only having one coffee instead of two.   But my birthday is coming up tomorrow and my dad, step mom (Rita) and my sister is coming out and we are going out for dinner at a great burger place that does gourmet burgers.  It’s called The Work.  You have choice of meat from ground beef to chicken to elk.  Then type of bun and type of burger.  They have over 50 choices to choose from such as burger with smoky bbq sauce with mushrooms and bacon or having Kraft Dinner on it.  They even do veggie burgers and a mushroom cap burger.   Lots and lots of choices.   I wasn’t sure if I should go there or not with my tummy troubles but I’ll just fill up on liquid today and a salad.  I put feta on my salad to add extra flavour and texture.

So with not sure what to do yesterday with my pipes not working I decided to make some cookies (like that was going to make it better).   What I ended up making was white chocolate with pecans and cashews.   They turned out good so I put a few aside for my family.  And I didn’t eat too much. And saved a few for today .



How I Get Mellow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Have You Never Been Mellow?.”

ˈmelō/ adjective
  1. 1.
    make or become mellow.
    “getting older does mellow the hard edges around the anger”
    synonyms: relax, unwind, loosen up, de-stress, slow down, take it easy

Well for me reading before bed from a book I’m enjoying lets me get sleepy but you occasionally get a screen where something exciting happens and it wakes you up instead.

A hot, hot shower will make me limp and relaxed but also more ready for good things to happen in that day.  Also I have a bunch of smelly fun shampoos and body wash.  Talk about aroma therapy. LOL

Sitting back eating frozen yogurt or favorite ice cream while watching a movie does sometimes because I’m in bliss mode from the ice cream.

Some music can relax or mellow me too. Classical or mellow light rock stuff.  Country puts me out like a light since I’m not a huge fan of it but grew up with it.  Some stuff is really good but the old Country music is best.  Carol Baker, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton.  Anyone remember “Islands in the Stream?” or “They Never Promised Me a Rose Garden?”  Wow now I feel old.  I’m really dated aren’t I?  LOL

Coffee in the morning is a relaxing thing to do since I don’t really use it to wake up.  It’s part of a routine that starts me off positively for that day.

Praying works wonders as well.  When I can take my problem, worry or stress and give it to God it calms me down alot.

What did I miss…oh right the fur babies that stink up their litter box…lol.  No, I’m kidding, but yes my cats help bring me to a relaxed state where I can fall asleep because all kitties let of this “magical kitty sleepy power” over their owner.   Also when Peter crawls into my arms and we lean back in my desk chair and pet and snuggle with him while he purrs.


Blogging 101 This is about me. Ta Da!

Well, it’s the first day to Blogging 101 and we are supposed to write an introduction about myself but most of you have seen my posts and have got a rough idea by now.  Let’s see if I can sum this up.

I’m a 40-year-old single woman with her own apartment and 2 cats.  My cats are part of my muse for this Blog.  Now coffee is the second part because some of the ramblings that go on in my head before I have coffee can be quite amusing at times.  Most mornings I dance my way into the kitchen to the radio playing modern pop and rock, like Taylors Swifts stuff.  But if the radio is not on I start talking or singing to my cats and calling out their nicknames while I’m making coffee.

I’ve been enjoying being single and running my house my way.  I have my own schedule and do things as needed to take care of myself.  Now something I haven’t shared yet is that I’m on ODSP which is an income in Ontario Canada that helps those with disabilities.   I do have a few mental illnesses and anxiety issues which I’ve thought about running a blog for that particular issue to help others in similar situations.  The mental illness has been apart of me since I was 16, so that makes it 24 years of bad mental health.  It tends to run on both my dad and moms side of the family.  Anyone think that’s a good topic to write about?  Especially for those that have trouble coping with depression and other issues.

Lori White Shirt 1

I do have a number of hobbies that take up my time but a lot of them keep me in front of the computer like Blogging as an example.  Computer games, Facebook, Tumblr, mmorpgs etc.  I’ve also started up doing a bit of journaling in my Hello Kitty Daily Planner.  I’ve been also reading and doing jig saw puzzles.  I’ve been trying to get walks in there as well which can be hard to do in the winter time.

And most of all i try to keep positive and my head up and try not to worry myself about stuff I am unable to do anything about except to pray and ask God for help.   But being able to let it go when you’ve reached out to God for help is a good thing to learn.  Why would you want to spend time worrying about stuff you can’t do on your own and feel depressed about it.  It’s a useless emotion that takes away from you being more positive about things around you.  I used to get very stressed about many thing and part of that was my mental illness for a long time and I would not be able to do anything around me.  Couldn’t sleep, read, write, play, eat, nothing.  It would eat me up inside.  Now I let it take it’s course.  sometimes you have to wait a week or a few days before you can do something about your issue.  My thought is why spend the time upset about it while I could be having a good day doing something else more on a positive note.  Now I’m still far from perfect on this but I have really improved and I’m proud of myself and far I’ve come.

so I’m taking time to learn to love myself and be confident with myself but it’s a long journey but I think I have the patience to conquer it.  I try to strive to be a better me every year and look back and see how far I’ve come.

So I’m not sure how to end this one but there is a rough introduction to me.  But why do I write my posts?  Well to be honest, my random musings make me smile so i thought sharing this with others might be a good thing to cheer someone else up with.  Besides sometimes I can look back and see what a wrote about at different times and I can see the dates and it lets me know what was going on in my life ant that time.

Toodles to you all and good luck to everyone in Blogging 101.

No Milk

I was up early and didn’t sleep very well and was about to get up for coffee when I realized i didn’t buy milk yesterday.  Sigh.  So the corner store doesn’t open til 9am so I would have to “sucks it up buttercup” and find a substitute.   Hot chocolate it is then.   The hot chocolate was tasty and enjoyable but still not coffee.  So that means as 9am it’s go get milk time.  I put shoes on with tired head and tired hands since the hot drink didn’t wake me.   I was not and will not change out of my fuzzy blue pajama bottoms with penguins wearing pink scarves.  Bah, the day was not gonna claim me yet.

Todays weather sucks with  a dark day abound and raining quite a bit.   It’s also icy and lots of puddles.  Good thing our building salted the front walk or I never would have made it down to the sidewalk.   I met up with my friend who owns Taco, the big horse of a dog who now has no cone of shame on him and who has also healed nicely.   They were walking faster than me and I was taking itty bitty baby steps going slow as … a snail.  What did you think I was gonna say?  But I thoguht that too, so no worries there.   So I’m inching myself along where any salt has been scattered.  Plus it was pelting rain on my head since I was being lazy and not putting my hood or hat on.

Finally got there saying greetings to the owner that is always so sweet to everyone.   He calls me sweetie.  But he does that to lots of people.  But still I think I’d rather go to a store to be called sweetie I’d rather go to than a store that says nothing to me.  So after purchasing milk I waited for my friend and Taco to get milk as well. So the other person i have coffee with often had no milk either.  Grump.  Taco put his paws up on the counter as was given special treatment as well with the form of a doggie treat.  He gobbled it up and of course wanted more.

So we headed back with me going at a crawl again.  My friend had said something to me who was walking a few feet behind him as the wind blowing his voice away in another direction, plus a car drove down our wet rainy road making noise so I could not hear him speak.  Also, i was watching my footing as to not slip and fall while rain was pelting down on me.  it had started raining harder as we made our was back to our building and I finally was able to hear him.  I don’t remember what he was saying now but it was just conversation.  Something about this being a cruddy day.  I think today is a good day to pull out my imaginary sign that reads “This is a Bah, Humbug day.”

I am so tempted to crawl back in bed and try to nap but it’s like 10am only and I have dishes and a counter to clean off, or ignore some more, by doing this blog.

Tired Coffee With The Brain…

So I’m a bit slow this morning.  I get up trying to find my well-loved ratty pale pink houseboat and find Peter is keeping it warm for me beside the bed.  I put it on and stumble to the kitchen to turn on the light and put on the kettle for coffee.  To be honest I don’t remember what happened between me putting the kettle on and it starting to whistle.  So I stumble out of my chair rubbing my sleepy eyes and almost walk smack dab into the wall by the kitchen.  I get enthralled by the swirling coffee spinning as I stir it.  So I get the coffee back on my desk and put it down so it can cool enough so I can sip at it.  One third of my large blue mug is 1 percent milk.  So I like a little coffee with my milk. So sue me!  So the cat wants up like usual and he insists he wants to lie in my arms across my chest so I can rub his belly.  I kept telling him no saying I didn’t want to sit like that at the moment.  Well tired head must have zoomed off to the void somewhere cause next thing I realize is that cat won and I’m lying back in my chair rubbing him while he’s purring.   Tired brain 0, Cat 1.   I’m gonna try to drink my coffee now if no one minds.  Even if you do mind it still wont stop me.  So na na na na.   My brain is thinking “you can’t touch me”.   Yep I need to wake up more cause of the brain with the tired.  Back to the coffee.

Tinsle On The Tree

I put up a tree every year and my cat insists that it is tasty for some reason.   I yell at Peter of course who sometimes just looks at me with a look of “What?”  So I tell him, “you know what! I tell you it’s bad for you but you never listen.”  So first thing in the morning I’m hearing the cat be sick.  So I cover my head with my pillow trying not to listen.  It doesn’t really work but it makes feel better none the less.   So with sleepy eyes, being careful where I step I go get paper towel.   What a great way to wake up, having to clean up cat yack that is decorated with silver white tinsel.  Sigh.  I love the brat.  I really do.

I Turned Out Like My Mother

My mom is a silly and happy lady who smiles a lot and makes up funny song from the top of her head.   She had a song to sing to each cat in the house.   This was cool when I was younger but not as a teenager.  It was quite embarrassing and I said I never want to be like that.  As an example when I was 16 and doing groceries it started to snow and my mom stuck out her tounge out  to catch snowflake which made me blush and be extremely embarrassed.  Then a school bus full of high schoolers drove by as my mom had her tounge out.   Oh the embarrassment!  I could have just die!  I turned around so no one could see who I was, and hoped a hole would open up beneath my feet and take me away.  So to make a long story short, I did turn out like my mom.   In the mornings when I go for coffee one of my cats follows me into the kitchen and while I’m putting the kettle on I’m singing to Peter (my orange and white, 3 y.o. and M) with his nickname being “Silly Butt”.   So I’m starting to sing “Silly butt, silly butt, silly butt butt butt” to the theme of the Lone Ranger song.  So I stop string my coffee and just bow my head and chuckle out loud.   Well I could be a grumpy old goat but I think singing silly made up songs makes me smile and feel happy.   I’m sure it confuses my neighbour who will sometimes hear me yell at the cats (Rosie is my other one, Black and white, 7 y.o. F) “Okay, who has the stinky butt?”  I should make them clean their own litter box.   Peew.  I swear something must have crawled up their butt and died.