Grab and Run for Fire

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

I actually find this one hard.   My wallet would be one thing for my id stuff.  A jacket.  Some money.  Maybe a bottle of water so I have something to drink incase I don’t have money.  I would like to save my computer and crafting stuff but that can be replaced.  A teddy bear or 2 I think.   I would say photo albums but they are all in storage closet piled up high.  So wrestling with boxes while a fire is going is not appropriate.   Most importantly me and my kitties.  Nothing else is important enough to risk my life over.   Oh my medication would be a good one cause it might take a while to replace while waiting for insurance to kick in.  I might but not likely I would think of a book so I have something to do.   I’m not saying my memories are not important by my life is more important than a photo or piece of jewelry.  And I can’t say “hey fire wait a minute while I unplug and grab my computer”.   I also might think to take my tablet with me.    I think that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Grab and Run for Fire

  1. Something to think about. I’d probably wheel out my dishwasher – don’t like doing the dishes at all!
    My craft stuff, I love to crochet and spend many hours doing it – so would stuff it in somewhere on the run.
    Tell me, what will you like to do with the thousands paid out with your insurance money ? Something to think about.?


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