Coffee, Burgers, and Cookies

You know you live in a house with pets in it and when your friends have pets when you go to have your daily coffee and there are at least 2 pat hairs in it.  It’s like one lump or two.  You know that is extra fiber right?  LOL

I wasn’t doing to well  the past few days been a little um…clogged up in the pipes.  So I’m trying to drink extra water and liquid and less coffee.  In fact I even went for a decaf yesterday morning instead of a normal and only having one coffee instead of two.   But my birthday is coming up tomorrow and my dad, step mom (Rita) and my sister is coming out and we are going out for dinner at a great burger place that does gourmet burgers.  It’s called The Work.  You have choice of meat from ground beef to chicken to elk.  Then type of bun and type of burger.  They have over 50 choices to choose from such as burger with smoky bbq sauce with mushrooms and bacon or having Kraft Dinner on it.  They even do veggie burgers and a mushroom cap burger.   Lots and lots of choices.   I wasn’t sure if I should go there or not with my tummy troubles but I’ll just fill up on liquid today and a salad.  I put feta on my salad to add extra flavour and texture.

So with not sure what to do yesterday with my pipes not working I decided to make some cookies (like that was going to make it better).   What I ended up making was white chocolate with pecans and cashews.   They turned out good so I put a few aside for my family.  And I didn’t eat too much. And saved a few for today .



The Object of My Dejection – Bad Stew Day

The Object of My Dejection — Tell us about the object of your dejection — something you made, a masterpiece unfinished, or some sort of project that failed to meet your expectations. What did you learn from the experience? How would you do things differently next time?

So recently I’ve gotten back into cooking.  I like making chicken vegetable soup, beef stew, chilli, fajita ect.  Normally stuff turns out good and I really enjoy making it.  sometimes I’m not even in the mood to eat what I’m making but I am having fun putting it together.   Sometimes the recipe needs tweaking so I’ll call my neighbor that had lived out east in NFLD and Nova Scotia and has experience with down home cooking.  He has a knack for putting stuff together like magic.  Ta Da!   So I was having my dad and step mom over on Sunday and I didn’t have a lot of money to get groceries and I wanted to make something to eat for everyone so no one had to spend money.  So I pulled out the stewing beef and carrots, celery, onions and potatoes and decided to do it in the slow cooker so I wouldn’t have to do on the stove cooking while they were here so we could go shopping or go for a walk.   Well it wasn’t tasting right.  I used low sodium beef broth which I have used before but for some reason it wasn’t the right flavour and I was quite disappointed.  I was quite embarrassed since I don’t see my dad very often and wanted to impress them. So I called my neighbour to see what he suggested.  He said soya sauce, a tad of lemon juice and tomato paste.   I have done this before and it turned out great.   To be honest this batch really sucked.   It had a metallic taste to it for some reason.   I was fed up and the more I tweaked it the worse it got.  So I gave up and told my dad and his wife that it was really bad and that I don’t want to serve it cause I wont even eat it.   None the less at the end of the day the stew ended up in the flusher and we went to the mall to get food at the food court.