Isn’t it lovely when you step in something squishy.  Remember I have cats, so it could one of two things.  I hoped for the less stinky one.  When I finally hopped to the light switch I found cat yak.  But I still had to clean it up and change my socks.  Iky, gross. Yuck.

Rosie, my cat, has been more vocal lately.  She will get all cute and roll on her back and show off her cute belly.  Then she will make the smallest little mew, which means “pay attention to me”  This normally happens when my hands are full, or playing a game I can’t turn away from or really into a book I’m reading.   But I do get up quite a bit and scratch her chin and her head to make her happy.  And, of course, her belly.  Peter on the other hand sometimes just wont leave me alone.  He tries to come up into my lap when I’m busy at the computer knocking my mouse hand off course which can be hard if you need to be persice in what you are doing.  The other day, while at my computer, Peter was beside me on my filing cabbinet.  He starts his meows and I ignore him until he meows loud right in my ear REAL LOUD.  It startles me so bad I jump and scream, which then scares Peter away.  Forehead smack.  Cats!


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