Princess Lori – Once Apon A Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Once upon a time there was me, Princess Lori.   Lori loved to do jigsaw puzzles and loved the time a day when the curtains are open and gets sunlight all over her puzzle to see all the lovely little colourful pieces to put together.   So with only daylight hours to do her puzzle Lori will sit there and pull out all fence pieces or all tree pieces ect or yellow house prices.   Sometimes she will pile thing in little groups to find them easier.

Now Princess Lori had to lovely step children.   Furbaby Peter the orange and furbaby Rosie the black.  Both are love very much by Princess Lori and get lots of cuddles.   But Peter liked games too, the practical joker he was.    So when Princess Lori was asleep in her bed, tucked away safe and sound Prince Peter decided it would be funny to take tap dancing lessons on Princess Lori’s jigsaw puzzles.   So when Princess Lori wakes up and opens the curtains to the new day she discovers puzzle piece after puzzle piece on the floor around the table that Princess Lori was doing her puzzle on.    Now Princess Lori got real mad at the little Prince and said many words to him which were not pleasant in very strong angry tones with threats of taking his food away if he didn’t behave.   Well this continued for about a week and Princess Lori thought she had beat in one night where she put a blanket over the puzzle to stop Prince Peter’s Tap Dancing Prank.   Well just as Princess Lori got tucked in she heard a skittering noise and a loud crash.   When Princess Lori found where the noise came from after dashing out of her warm bed, the whole box of puzzle pieces had been knocked over and spill tons of beautiful colourful puzzle pieces all over the royal floor in a wide arc.   At the same time the blanket that has so lovingly been placed over the Princesses puzzle had been pulled askew and had pulled all the pieces to one side.   This required much clean up.  So Princess Lori didn’t want to wake up the imaginary maids and servants she kneeled on the royal grey carpet, in the dark and scoop up puzzle pieces.   Tired and sad after that Princess Lori crawled back in bed thinking she would have to check on the puzzle much better in the daylight where she will spend a long time putting all the pieces back together or give up on the puzzle all together.    This has not been determined yet and therefore brings our little story to an end, for now.  To be continued…


Rub the Magic Lamp

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

First of all if I ever came apon a ginne in a lamp I’d probably screem and run.   Now lets say I didn’t and pretend I’m brave and I’m offered 3 wishes of my own choosing and no wishing for more wishes.

First wish.  I wish to get into heaven.  Why? Because it’s beautiful and peaceful and you get to see all your family you have missed over the years.   If I could I would want to see my old cat and play with him again.   I’d love to see the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the serenity.   Also to talk and hang out with Jesus.   He would probably be the coolest friend I ever had.  To be able to see God, if possible. To hug them and thank them for everything they have done for me and my friends and family.

Second wish.   To see my mother again before she dies.  I haven’t seen my mom in like 17 years and miss her dearly.  I live in Ontario Canada and she lives in Dayton Ohio.  Both of us are poor and can’t afford the bus fare since neither of us drive.   Her husband is a nice guy but has many health issues which she helps him run the house.  Also neither of us can afford a passport.  Sigh.  I miss when I used to come home from school for lunch and we would play cards.  Or she would read to me at night.  She read me all 3 of the Hidei books when I was younger.   She’s happy and fun and likes to do fun things and play games.    I have not been able to hug her in 17 years and I really miss that.  Sorry my eyes are tearing.  It breaks my heart that I can’t spend time with her and be close to her again like when I was younger.  She used to be my best friend.

Third wish would be  to see my best friend Leona.  She lives in Tennessee with her daughter and husband.  We met like 2 years ago and hit it off instantly.   I’d love to go spend like 2 weeks with her and hang out and watch movies and do girl talk and get to meet all her pets, since she has tons of them.  Just to hug her for real and not see her just on Skype.   I’d play games with her and her daughter and cook dinner and play games.  I guess sometimes having 2 male close friends is good but I really want to connect with my female friends.   I guess that is something I am lacking right now.   All my female cousins that live out here all had at least 2 kids and I just can’t relate.   I don’t like babies and can’t relate to kids well and then parent is always distracted with the children which makes it difficult to talk.     I guess the 3rd with turned out to be more about having female friends.

If I could wish for other things I would wish to have a relationship with just the right person that would deal with all my personal baggage and not run away screaming.   I would also wish for money to travel to see the ones I love.  I would wish to be free of mental illness.  Wishing for no money restraints would be obvious.   Having an apartment that has new furniture and not all the tumbled down old furniture that is second-hand from relatives.  This one sounds silly but to have a cook that would make me healthy food to stay within my calorie allotment everyday and it be tasty and not boring.   To spend a week or two at Disneyland.  The one is Florida, and try the different hotels they have there.   To be able to read quicker would be another one.   And last but not least money always handy for an emergency or visit to the vet for Rosie and Peter.

I know I said no wishing for more wishes.  I labeled my top 3 for the ones I want the most the others are secondary but also important.

What would your 3 wishes be?  Quick, list something.

This Little Piggy


So it’s 1am and I was lying between two furballs.  Facing to my left is Rosie who after 3 pets has cat fur everywhere cause she sheds.  So I roll to the right to Peter and get a face full of orange fur which I almost inhale and making my nose itchy.  Being up at 1am is not unusual for me.   I go to bed real early and wake up real early with a small nap around 4am.  So I’m just waking up and my tired brain starts to wander.  So what pop’s into my head…the “This Little Piggy” rhyme.  This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy had none….  So I’m thinking “why does the little pig want roast beef?  Why couldn’t it have been chicken or fish?” So I thought “maybe he has religious dietary restrictions or something.”  And my musings continued on to wonder if the piggy at the market was buying the roast beef for the one that likes to eat and if the piggy at home was doing chores and cooking the meat for the one that has the munchies.  But what about the piggy who had none?   Did the eater piggy eat all their food and the one who had none starved?  And we don’t even need to talk about the other one who was wetting his pants all the way home.  Great now the one at home has laundry to do now too.  Sigh.


I Turned Out Like My Mother

My mom is a silly and happy lady who smiles a lot and makes up funny song from the top of her head.   She had a song to sing to each cat in the house.   This was cool when I was younger but not as a teenager.  It was quite embarrassing and I said I never want to be like that.  As an example when I was 16 and doing groceries it started to snow and my mom stuck out her tounge out  to catch snowflake which made me blush and be extremely embarrassed.  Then a school bus full of high schoolers drove by as my mom had her tounge out.   Oh the embarrassment!  I could have just die!  I turned around so no one could see who I was, and hoped a hole would open up beneath my feet and take me away.  So to make a long story short, I did turn out like my mom.   In the mornings when I go for coffee one of my cats follows me into the kitchen and while I’m putting the kettle on I’m singing to Peter (my orange and white, 3 y.o. and M) with his nickname being “Silly Butt”.   So I’m starting to sing “Silly butt, silly butt, silly butt butt butt” to the theme of the Lone Ranger song.  So I stop string my coffee and just bow my head and chuckle out loud.   Well I could be a grumpy old goat but I think singing silly made up songs makes me smile and feel happy.   I’m sure it confuses my neighbour who will sometimes hear me yell at the cats (Rosie is my other one, Black and white, 7 y.o. F) “Okay, who has the stinky butt?”  I should make them clean their own litter box.   Peew.  I swear something must have crawled up their butt and died.