Apreciate Animals Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Festivus.”

Animal Day would be a non work day.   It would be a day for donating to animal organizations or volunteer time at animal shelters.  It’s about spending time with and appreciating the animal kingdom.  There would be special events at dog parks.  Vets would give discounts or do charitable work for those that can’t pay for certain medication or operations.   There would be free treats at pet stores and discounts on food and liter and leashes.  The zoo would be free to go to on Appreciate Animals Day.  You would spend special time with your pets furry or feathered or scaled.  You can order a special toy and treat package for your pets that you get in the mail a few days before the holiday.  There would be all kinds of animal stories and programs to watch on tv.   Some older theaters could put animal related movies on to play for the week or the day.  But while kids have the time off they will be expected to do projects or essays or write stories of animals to be graded.  There would be a Appreciate Animals Day web stie with all kinds of pet pictures would send in and also incredable pet hero stories.  Parks might host an event about pets to learn more about products or new items for pets and be a petting zoo and a dog petting ring that people can go into and pet all kinds of doggies.   The sounds so cool.   I wish it were real.   What a way to spend a day.  Oh and you can have pet shaped souvenirs or posters with animals, stationery with animals and decks of cards with animals and t-shirts, games, puzzles etc.  Whoo hoo.+


Rub the Magic Lamp

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

First of all if I ever came apon a ginne in a lamp I’d probably screem and run.   Now lets say I didn’t and pretend I’m brave and I’m offered 3 wishes of my own choosing and no wishing for more wishes.

First wish.  I wish to get into heaven.  Why? Because it’s beautiful and peaceful and you get to see all your family you have missed over the years.   If I could I would want to see my old cat and play with him again.   I’d love to see the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the serenity.   Also to talk and hang out with Jesus.   He would probably be the coolest friend I ever had.  To be able to see God, if possible. To hug them and thank them for everything they have done for me and my friends and family.

Second wish.   To see my mother again before she dies.  I haven’t seen my mom in like 17 years and miss her dearly.  I live in Ontario Canada and she lives in Dayton Ohio.  Both of us are poor and can’t afford the bus fare since neither of us drive.   Her husband is a nice guy but has many health issues which she helps him run the house.  Also neither of us can afford a passport.  Sigh.  I miss when I used to come home from school for lunch and we would play cards.  Or she would read to me at night.  She read me all 3 of the Hidei books when I was younger.   She’s happy and fun and likes to do fun things and play games.    I have not been able to hug her in 17 years and I really miss that.  Sorry my eyes are tearing.  It breaks my heart that I can’t spend time with her and be close to her again like when I was younger.  She used to be my best friend.

Third wish would be  to see my best friend Leona.  She lives in Tennessee with her daughter and husband.  We met like 2 years ago and hit it off instantly.   I’d love to go spend like 2 weeks with her and hang out and watch movies and do girl talk and get to meet all her pets, since she has tons of them.  Just to hug her for real and not see her just on Skype.   I’d play games with her and her daughter and cook dinner and play games.  I guess sometimes having 2 male close friends is good but I really want to connect with my female friends.   I guess that is something I am lacking right now.   All my female cousins that live out here all had at least 2 kids and I just can’t relate.   I don’t like babies and can’t relate to kids well and then parent is always distracted with the children which makes it difficult to talk.     I guess the 3rd with turned out to be more about having female friends.

If I could wish for other things I would wish to have a relationship with just the right person that would deal with all my personal baggage and not run away screaming.   I would also wish for money to travel to see the ones I love.  I would wish to be free of mental illness.  Wishing for no money restraints would be obvious.   Having an apartment that has new furniture and not all the tumbled down old furniture that is second-hand from relatives.  This one sounds silly but to have a cook that would make me healthy food to stay within my calorie allotment everyday and it be tasty and not boring.   To spend a week or two at Disneyland.  The one is Florida, and try the different hotels they have there.   To be able to read quicker would be another one.   And last but not least money always handy for an emergency or visit to the vet for Rosie and Peter.

I know I said no wishing for more wishes.  I labeled my top 3 for the ones I want the most the others are secondary but also important.

What would your 3 wishes be?  Quick, list something.


I wanted to share with you 2 sites that really brighten my day.  Both of them are pet or animal site that have tons of cuteness to make anyone smile.  The first one is Cute Overloaded.  They have a pretty feature kitty on there today who is absolutely adorable.    Here is the link.  http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/15/resqte-of-the-week-lucy/

The other site features cats only but has the most adorable ones.  They are all soooo cute.  it often has small videos on stuff dealing with cats like new cat toys.   Here is the link.   http://katzenworld.co.uk/2015/01/15/angels-eyes-technical-difficulty/

Please let me know if you like these sites too. 🙂  Toodles.