Rub the Magic Lamp

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

First of all if I ever came apon a ginne in a lamp I’d probably screem and run.   Now lets say I didn’t and pretend I’m brave and I’m offered 3 wishes of my own choosing and no wishing for more wishes.

First wish.  I wish to get into heaven.  Why? Because it’s beautiful and peaceful and you get to see all your family you have missed over the years.   If I could I would want to see my old cat and play with him again.   I’d love to see the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the serenity.   Also to talk and hang out with Jesus.   He would probably be the coolest friend I ever had.  To be able to see God, if possible. To hug them and thank them for everything they have done for me and my friends and family.

Second wish.   To see my mother again before she dies.  I haven’t seen my mom in like 17 years and miss her dearly.  I live in Ontario Canada and she lives in Dayton Ohio.  Both of us are poor and can’t afford the bus fare since neither of us drive.   Her husband is a nice guy but has many health issues which she helps him run the house.  Also neither of us can afford a passport.  Sigh.  I miss when I used to come home from school for lunch and we would play cards.  Or she would read to me at night.  She read me all 3 of the Hidei books when I was younger.   She’s happy and fun and likes to do fun things and play games.    I have not been able to hug her in 17 years and I really miss that.  Sorry my eyes are tearing.  It breaks my heart that I can’t spend time with her and be close to her again like when I was younger.  She used to be my best friend.

Third wish would be  to see my best friend Leona.  She lives in Tennessee with her daughter and husband.  We met like 2 years ago and hit it off instantly.   I’d love to go spend like 2 weeks with her and hang out and watch movies and do girl talk and get to meet all her pets, since she has tons of them.  Just to hug her for real and not see her just on Skype.   I’d play games with her and her daughter and cook dinner and play games.  I guess sometimes having 2 male close friends is good but I really want to connect with my female friends.   I guess that is something I am lacking right now.   All my female cousins that live out here all had at least 2 kids and I just can’t relate.   I don’t like babies and can’t relate to kids well and then parent is always distracted with the children which makes it difficult to talk.     I guess the 3rd with turned out to be more about having female friends.

If I could wish for other things I would wish to have a relationship with just the right person that would deal with all my personal baggage and not run away screaming.   I would also wish for money to travel to see the ones I love.  I would wish to be free of mental illness.  Wishing for no money restraints would be obvious.   Having an apartment that has new furniture and not all the tumbled down old furniture that is second-hand from relatives.  This one sounds silly but to have a cook that would make me healthy food to stay within my calorie allotment everyday and it be tasty and not boring.   To spend a week or two at Disneyland.  The one is Florida, and try the different hotels they have there.   To be able to read quicker would be another one.   And last but not least money always handy for an emergency or visit to the vet for Rosie and Peter.

I know I said no wishing for more wishes.  I labeled my top 3 for the ones I want the most the others are secondary but also important.

What would your 3 wishes be?  Quick, list something.


How I Get Mellow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Have You Never Been Mellow?.”

ˈmelō/ adjective
  1. 1.
    make or become mellow.
    “getting older does mellow the hard edges around the anger”
    synonyms: relax, unwind, loosen up, de-stress, slow down, take it easy

Well for me reading before bed from a book I’m enjoying lets me get sleepy but you occasionally get a screen where something exciting happens and it wakes you up instead.

A hot, hot shower will make me limp and relaxed but also more ready for good things to happen in that day.  Also I have a bunch of smelly fun shampoos and body wash.  Talk about aroma therapy. LOL

Sitting back eating frozen yogurt or favorite ice cream while watching a movie does sometimes because I’m in bliss mode from the ice cream.

Some music can relax or mellow me too. Classical or mellow light rock stuff.  Country puts me out like a light since I’m not a huge fan of it but grew up with it.  Some stuff is really good but the old Country music is best.  Carol Baker, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton.  Anyone remember “Islands in the Stream?” or “They Never Promised Me a Rose Garden?”  Wow now I feel old.  I’m really dated aren’t I?  LOL

Coffee in the morning is a relaxing thing to do since I don’t really use it to wake up.  It’s part of a routine that starts me off positively for that day.

Praying works wonders as well.  When I can take my problem, worry or stress and give it to God it calms me down alot.

What did I miss…oh right the fur babies that stink up their litter box…lol.  No, I’m kidding, but yes my cats help bring me to a relaxed state where I can fall asleep because all kitties let of this “magical kitty sleepy power” over their owner.   Also when Peter crawls into my arms and we lean back in my desk chair and pet and snuggle with him while he purrs.


Blogging 101 This is about me. Ta Da!

Well, it’s the first day to Blogging 101 and we are supposed to write an introduction about myself but most of you have seen my posts and have got a rough idea by now.  Let’s see if I can sum this up.

I’m a 40-year-old single woman with her own apartment and 2 cats.  My cats are part of my muse for this Blog.  Now coffee is the second part because some of the ramblings that go on in my head before I have coffee can be quite amusing at times.  Most mornings I dance my way into the kitchen to the radio playing modern pop and rock, like Taylors Swifts stuff.  But if the radio is not on I start talking or singing to my cats and calling out their nicknames while I’m making coffee.

I’ve been enjoying being single and running my house my way.  I have my own schedule and do things as needed to take care of myself.  Now something I haven’t shared yet is that I’m on ODSP which is an income in Ontario Canada that helps those with disabilities.   I do have a few mental illnesses and anxiety issues which I’ve thought about running a blog for that particular issue to help others in similar situations.  The mental illness has been apart of me since I was 16, so that makes it 24 years of bad mental health.  It tends to run on both my dad and moms side of the family.  Anyone think that’s a good topic to write about?  Especially for those that have trouble coping with depression and other issues.

Lori White Shirt 1

I do have a number of hobbies that take up my time but a lot of them keep me in front of the computer like Blogging as an example.  Computer games, Facebook, Tumblr, mmorpgs etc.  I’ve also started up doing a bit of journaling in my Hello Kitty Daily Planner.  I’ve been also reading and doing jig saw puzzles.  I’ve been trying to get walks in there as well which can be hard to do in the winter time.

And most of all i try to keep positive and my head up and try not to worry myself about stuff I am unable to do anything about except to pray and ask God for help.   But being able to let it go when you’ve reached out to God for help is a good thing to learn.  Why would you want to spend time worrying about stuff you can’t do on your own and feel depressed about it.  It’s a useless emotion that takes away from you being more positive about things around you.  I used to get very stressed about many thing and part of that was my mental illness for a long time and I would not be able to do anything around me.  Couldn’t sleep, read, write, play, eat, nothing.  It would eat me up inside.  Now I let it take it’s course.  sometimes you have to wait a week or a few days before you can do something about your issue.  My thought is why spend the time upset about it while I could be having a good day doing something else more on a positive note.  Now I’m still far from perfect on this but I have really improved and I’m proud of myself and far I’ve come.

so I’m taking time to learn to love myself and be confident with myself but it’s a long journey but I think I have the patience to conquer it.  I try to strive to be a better me every year and look back and see how far I’ve come.

So I’m not sure how to end this one but there is a rough introduction to me.  But why do I write my posts?  Well to be honest, my random musings make me smile so i thought sharing this with others might be a good thing to cheer someone else up with.  Besides sometimes I can look back and see what a wrote about at different times and I can see the dates and it lets me know what was going on in my life ant that time.

Toodles to you all and good luck to everyone in Blogging 101.