My Little One

Well I have a 3rd cat now.  I’ve named him Max or Maxi or Little One.  He is the tiniest of all 3 of my cats.  His original name was Redcat which is funny cause he is all orange except of a white tip on his tail.   This one has claws but he seems to know what he can and can’t scratch.  Maybe leftover scent from my deceased cat Socks (sniff).  I had to figure out where to put the 3rd bowl and add extra water dish as well.   I have to keep watch because the other two like to steal food from any other cat dish.  So every time there is a chewing noise in the room my head whips around to see if the right cat is eating from the right bowl.  I swear I’m going to get whiplash from it.   Little One is so playful and now Peter has a playmate and doesn’t bug Rosie as much.  Here is a Picture of Max



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