What’s NEW for me?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”

My first thought for this article was to take pictures of my calendar and day/month planner which I did and learned how to use the flash on my camera too.   But it seemed to caleche to do and didn’t inspire me.   Then I came up with the idea to post about my newest hobble which is pen paling.  Writing letters through snail mail, not email.   But I already have a blog for my Pen friend mail so I felt I might be repeating myself.  But so what if I am?  Is anyone gonna kick my butt for talking about it?  I don’t think The Rock will all of a sudden show up at my door and challenge me, so no worries there.  That site has a different audience and followers anyways.


So Pen Palling or friending is new to me which I started back in December.   I actually was looking for sticker trains and had no luck but kept being led around to pen pal sites.   I starting remembering the fun I had in high school with writing like 24 page letter (12 back and front) and had a romance thing going with one guy I was writing too.   He was also a very close friend but we only got to see each other twice a year for 2 days each time.   I remembers writing silly things in the letters, sayings from Wayne’s World, jokes ect.  So I’m glad I picked it up again.

20141219_154318     20141231_124412

But this time it’s different for me.  I’m meeting total strangers and being more creative.  I’m spending money on different kinds of paper and glue and stickers and decorative tape.   I’m using markers to draw doodles and rainbows and plaster the letters with sticker.   I’ve also been making my own envelopes.   It’s a creative process for me full of fun and adventure.   Also a way to have a few more female friends since 95% of my pen friends are female.

Depending on the site you use I caution woman to check a guy out before you pass on your email or address because to a lot of men it is another avenue for a trip to the meat market.  Now there are some awesome nice men out there but do check profiles and chat with any person before you send out your address or email to anyone.   Just a matter of being safe.  But don’t let it hold you back from getting to know more people and making many friends from across the globe.

So here are some of the envelopes I decorated before I started to make my envelopes.  Also a few incoming letters that made their way to me.



Christmas Happy Dance

So it’s Christmas Eve day and I’ve been stealing some crackers and cheese from out of the fridge which I should wait for tonight for but I had the munchies while making my first coffee this morning.  Well while trying to change batteries on my camera I dropped a heavy butter knife on my big toe which made me yelp and send Rosie running to see if I was okay.  It hurt a bit but I was fine.

So I’ve been very hyper the past few days and been trying to keep busy so I don’t go insane.  I ended up going to the Body Shop on Sunday with a 30 dollar gift certificate from my younger sister which I happily spent and pretty stinky stuff.  Strawberry body wash, pink grapefruit body wash, banana shampoo and the best lip balm ever, a coco butter one.   Feels great too.  it also smells very good.   Wow I sound like I’m doing a beauty commercial in a boxing ring.  “And in this corner it’s Pert Plus shampoo vs. Head and Shoulders heavy weight.”


Well Monday I met up at a friend at the library and took a room to go sit in and chat.  The room has a glass wall so people can see you but a glass door as well so you can close it.   And we did close it cause we tend to get loud and laugh a lot when we get together catching up on the past year.  So she told me to help me cope with the next few days that I should get an audio book.  This was an awesome idea since I’ve been working on my Christmas jig saw puzzle.   Boy did it ever help.  I felt lest restless while doing my puzzle and could concentrate better and less jumping up and down yelling “yay it’s Christmas” and clapping my hands wildly.  But I managed to finish it yesterday.  Yay me!!!  it was a lovely African Savannah watering hold pic with lots of animals.


So what did I do next to keep myself from going batty…take out another puzzle to do.  LOL

So on my pen pal site one of the girls I contacted finally got back to me 2 weeks later and she let me know she wanted to be pen pals.  This tickled me pink so I could start another letter to someone, which I love writing letters.  I wont be able to send it out till my seasonal taxes come out in January.  I’ve started the letter this morning as I was having my first coffee.  Which as soon as it started Peter had to jump up and sit right on the letter on my desk making it impossible to write anymore till he jumped down.  I swear he’s such a silly butt!

So yes I’m going stir crazy and a few minutes ago I ducked into the kitchen to make my second coffee and of course had to open all the cookies I had for Christmas to make sure they were good for Christmas don’t you know.   Thank you they were quite fine and ready for Christmas eve.  Ahem.

Merry Christmas everyone