Cats Adjusting and waiting for my coffee to get cool enough to drink

So my Little One is adjusting nicely to the pack, herd, school or murder of my cat group.  Yah I know the proper term is probably pride of cats but it doesn’t sound right in my head.   Peter now has a play buddy in which they tear around the house like ants in their pants or a heard of wild pigmys are chasing them.    They jump and leap over each other and play with all the little toys that are scattered across the apartment.  What’s cute is that they clean each other and sometimes try to do it at the same time.   Rosie still gets picked on but less often but with Peter jumps in so does Max, which makes me come running to scream at the two orange puff balls.   Are they a furry purrball or a purry furball?

Here is a few new pics.

20150827_104604 20150920_175747 20151028_093836 20151028_093854 1446133138091

Arn’t my babies cute!!!!

Okay coffee is too cool now, so a microwaving we will go for 30 secs.

Okay I want to go play Rift now.  Yesss!  I am a gamer girl.  I play LOTRO, Arch Age, Rift, Harthstone, Elvenar, Alagorn, and played WOW for 3 years.    Gaming…with… the…must now play….



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