Cute Peter

Hello all, we were asked to write to a new blog pretending to have your perfect person audience and we are to talk to him.  I really don’t have a pretend perfect audience.  I always write to all of you to share my life musings with you.  I’m just happy I have an audience, so thank you to all of you.

Well the other part of the Blogging 101 was to try a different type of media that I haven’t tried yet.   There was nothing particular that I wanted pull off YouTube or a song to play.  Those things don’t really have any relation to my blog.  But I did do the assignment.  I took my tablet and videoed Peter lying on the bathroom floor being cute.  So then I had to move over the video using air droid to put it on my computer.  From there I went to YouTube and posted my very first video EVER!  I just figure that relates to my blog so I will TRY to post the video here.   I hope you all think he’s cute too.