Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty…what about a 3rd view point, Option 3.

So everyone knows that the glass half full is a positive way of looking at it this dilemma, and saying the glass is half empty is the pessimistic way of viewing the same glass.   That is all well and good but what about a different point of view.   Well a moment ago you didn’t have a glass with anything in it and now you do have one that does have something for you to drink from.   Why not just be thankfull that you now have something to drink whereas you didnt’ a minute ago.

It’s like a story of a lady who had got ready for work and just before she left she got into an argument with her teenage daughter and then goes out to get in her car but it’s covered with snow and she has to spend time brushing snow off and scraping ice off the window.  Dam, wouldn’t that put you in a crappy mood before you head out for the day?  On the contrary she was not up set but very thankful.   Thankful that se had a daughter that was able to express herself verbally.  And thankful she had a car to drive to work where as a lot of people might be standing at bus shelters all day waiting for a bus to pick them work while standing in the cold blowing icy winds of winter.   She could talk to her daughter later and fix things and she could drive to work warm and safely.

I believe this is called looking at the bigger picture of life.   What do you have to be thankful for?


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