No Milk

I was up early and didn’t sleep very well and was about to get up for coffee when I realized i didn’t buy milk yesterday.  Sigh.  So the corner store doesn’t open til 9am so I would have to “sucks it up buttercup” and find a substitute.   Hot chocolate it is then.   The hot chocolate was tasty and enjoyable but still not coffee.  So that means as 9am it’s go get milk time.  I put shoes on with tired head and tired hands since the hot drink didn’t wake me.   I was not and will not change out of my fuzzy blue pajama bottoms with penguins wearing pink scarves.  Bah, the day was not gonna claim me yet.

Todays weather sucks with  a dark day abound and raining quite a bit.   It’s also icy and lots of puddles.  Good thing our building salted the front walk or I never would have made it down to the sidewalk.   I met up with my friend who owns Taco, the big horse of a dog who now has no cone of shame on him and who has also healed nicely.   They were walking faster than me and I was taking itty bitty baby steps going slow as … a snail.  What did you think I was gonna say?  But I thoguht that too, so no worries there.   So I’m inching myself along where any salt has been scattered.  Plus it was pelting rain on my head since I was being lazy and not putting my hood or hat on.

Finally got there saying greetings to the owner that is always so sweet to everyone.   He calls me sweetie.  But he does that to lots of people.  But still I think I’d rather go to a store to be called sweetie I’d rather go to than a store that says nothing to me.  So after purchasing milk I waited for my friend and Taco to get milk as well. So the other person i have coffee with often had no milk either.  Grump.  Taco put his paws up on the counter as was given special treatment as well with the form of a doggie treat.  He gobbled it up and of course wanted more.

So we headed back with me going at a crawl again.  My friend had said something to me who was walking a few feet behind him as the wind blowing his voice away in another direction, plus a car drove down our wet rainy road making noise so I could not hear him speak.  Also, i was watching my footing as to not slip and fall while rain was pelting down on me.  it had started raining harder as we made our was back to our building and I finally was able to hear him.  I don’t remember what he was saying now but it was just conversation.  Something about this being a cruddy day.  I think today is a good day to pull out my imaginary sign that reads “This is a Bah, Humbug day.”

I am so tempted to crawl back in bed and try to nap but it’s like 10am only and I have dishes and a counter to clean off, or ignore some more, by doing this blog.


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