The Cone of Shame

You might wonder what this is.  Those with pets will know what this.   It’s that big dumb looking funnel looking collar thing you put on your cat or dog when they have stitches or a wound so they don’t hurt themselves by biting at it while they are healing.  This big flexible plastic cone is a huge annoyance to the animal and makes it hard for them to eat or drink or play with toys.   Well my friend (of 21 years) has a huge horse of a dog named Taco.  Yes…Taco.  See my sister and him (my friend not the dog) were dating for a few years and they got a dog together and she likes naming pets after food items.  She also has a cat named Cheddar and had a cat in the past named Rasin.  Well it at least makes for a good conversation starter.   Well Taco had a operation on Tuesday to get his butt glands removed due to many very bad flair ups causing expensive vet bills and medication.  The best solution ended up being to just get them removed.  Yes it’s an expensive operation to get done but after a lot of calling around and checking online he found a place that was quite a bit under 2000 dollars with a reputable vet.   So Taco is recovering from that and having to wear the cone around his neck.   He looks like a lamp now and the dog has no idea how big he is and is knocking things left, right and center and having trouble fitting through door ways.   And when the dog sits beside you on the couch he is taller than you.   So he loves to give kisses but with the cone on he practically cuts your head off when he tries.  Well the cone of shame must stay on Taco for 10 days.  Poor dog but he will be better off for it.  That and he gets great reception with the satellite dish hes wearing.

This is Taco.



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