Tired Coffee With The Brain…

So I’m a bit slow this morning.  I get up trying to find my well-loved ratty pale pink houseboat and find Peter is keeping it warm for me beside the bed.  I put it on and stumble to the kitchen to turn on the light and put on the kettle for coffee.  To be honest I don’t remember what happened between me putting the kettle on and it starting to whistle.  So I stumble out of my chair rubbing my sleepy eyes and almost walk smack dab into the wall by the kitchen.  I get enthralled by the swirling coffee spinning as I stir it.  So I get the coffee back on my desk and put it down so it can cool enough so I can sip at it.  One third of my large blue mug is 1 percent milk.  So I like a little coffee with my milk. So sue me!  So the cat wants up like usual and he insists he wants to lie in my arms across my chest so I can rub his belly.  I kept telling him no saying I didn’t want to sit like that at the moment.  Well tired head must have zoomed off to the void somewhere cause next thing I realize is that cat won and I’m lying back in my chair rubbing him while he’s purring.   Tired brain 0, Cat 1.   I’m gonna try to drink my coffee now if no one minds.  Even if you do mind it still wont stop me.  So na na na na.   My brain is thinking “you can’t touch me”.   Yep I need to wake up more cause of the brain with the tired.  Back to the coffee.


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